We have substantial experience combining quantitative and qualitative research approaches, including creating and conducting surveys and interviews, as well as analyzing existing literature and databases.

Strategic Analysis

To identify strategies for development and innovation, we have conducted research and analysis in a variety of fields, identifying promising areas as well as barriers to fostering innovation.


We believe that evaluation is a key means of learning from existing experiences and discovering how best to bring about innovation and development. We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the operation and impacts of policies, programs and projects.

Policy Advice

Our work has taught us that policies, and their coherence among countries and sectors, can act as tremendous drivers of innovation and development. We offer advice on how best to use policy levers to support development and innovation in diverse fields, as well as both in North-South and South-South cooperation.


We have a demonstrated track record of productivity and high-quality output in writing and editing chapters, papers and reports for diverse audiences.


Small Globe also offers interactive training in how best to harness knowledge, science and technology for economic and social development.

Some of our topic areas include:

  • Evaluation of the International Research Chairs Initiative
  • Bio-similars and their potential for emerging economies
  • Commercialization of traditional medicine
  • Policy coherence for local manufacturing for the public health system in Brazil
  • Integration of industrial, research, development and patent policies in India
  • South-South cooperation in diverse fields, including infrastructure development, and the health sector
  • Impacts of South-South cooperation in health biotechnology
  • Evolution of the principles of South-South cooperation
  • Quantifying South-South development cooperation
  • Canada’s key contributions to global health research and innovation
  • Evaluation of the International Community University Research Alliance